My Octopus Mind release new single, ‘Buy My Book’

It’s always interesting when bands take a complete turn with their sound. It makes you wonder whether they found inspiration in a new style, or just got really bored with playing the same instruments….. With My Octopus Mind and their new track, ‘Buy My Book’, I get a feeling that it is the former.

After getting a taste of the experimental and conceptual approach to this single, I would say a darker feel is forecast for this Bristol band’s upcoming album, ‘Faulty at Source’. We love a bit of gloom.

‘Buy My Book’ boasts the use of double bass-laced balkan rhythms to keep your ears on their toes and your heart guessing which beat to nod your head to. Sparks of guitar fly out from underneath the feverish splashing of drums in a system of digital funk. It’s very She Wants Revenge. Frontman Liam’s distorted voice conjures up a sense of disintegration with its electronic droning, as his subversive style of writing mocks the world of self-help books, Youtube gurus and how the topic of trying to ‘fix’ oneself has featured in his life.

This track is accompanied by an amusing self-created lockdown music video that you can experience here on Youtube: Stream the track and indulge……

My Octopus Mind, Bristol, July 2020. Photo credit: Simon Holliday /

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