The Worst Guys deliver new Alternative Hip-Hop from Birmingham

The Worst Guys make a solid impression with their smooth beats, engaging rhythms and introspective lyrics about life, youth and growing up in the West Midlands.

The Birmingham-based duo officially jumped onto the scene in October 2019 with their debut single ‘Round The Town’, a tune with a chilled summer vibe and the taste of West Coast hip-hop inspiration.

Rapper, Louis, prefers ‘substance over style’, which is evident in his powerful delivery about hometown change and days gone by. The robotic beats are contrasted by lo-fi samples of melancholic electric pianos and yesteryear strings, adding to the lyrical nostalgia about a carefree time growing up in Birmingham and the changes he’s seen. We experience the production skills of Joe, who looks to fuse his 90s hip-hop influences with his own unique style, producing the modern sound of The Worst Guys.

Joe’s soulful vocals are also showcased in their latest track, ‘No Celebrations’, released February this year. His gentle melodies and Louis’ bold voice are accompanied by the great use of electric piano, creating a catchy groove. In this track, the duo talks of hard work still to come, as the grind never stops for those striving to realise their dreams.

There’s nothing stopping these two, with a new single coming in July and an EP to follow. Collaborations and live gigs are on the horizon for The Worst Guys, so check them out on all platforms below and stream their music now!


Instagram: @theworstguysofficial

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