Worcestershire and Birmingham Music

Supporting local music and local creativity is important. I live on the edge of Worcestershire, England, close to the country’s second biggest city, Birmingham. There’s always something interesting to promote.

Electric Raptor’s debut single, ‘Operation Tony’: your new source of entertainment

Your musical dose of the absurd has arrived in the form of an epic track from the multi-talented Worcestershire band, ELECTRIC RAPTOR. ‘Operation Tony’ is a spicy blend of many genres, fused together by the energy of a six-piece band and their comical taste of humour. Read more–>

Bad Girlfriend on their way with new single ‘Here It Comes’

‘Here It Comes’ is the title of the band’s biggest single yet. We are teased by an oasis conjured up with lush guitar. It isn’t long before the calm is interrupted by the storm and the sea of the crashing drums and roaring guitar takes you under. You’ve dived into buzzing disorder. Read more –>

The Worst Guys deliver new Alternative Hip Hop from Birmingham

The Worst Guys make a solid impression with their smooth beats, engaging rhythms and introspective lyrics about life, youth and growing up in the West Midlands. Read more –>

Birmingham duo MASS HOUSE release new single

Dylan Williams and Tom Minchin are the Brummie duo, Mass House, who have just released their new single, ‘Birmingham’. Their electronic sound has an indie edge and their motive to write is a very interesting one. This new single is full of the burning energy of youth and future apprehension. Read more –>

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