Political Views Get You Cancelled Now? An Ariel Pink Case Study

When Pink was dropped by his label in January following his outright support at the Trump rally, I began to wonder whether the things we associate with are beginning to become our defining attributes in a progressive but pressurising society, quick to erase the supposed wrong.  Ariel Pink’s record label, Mexican Summer, parted ways withContinue reading “Political Views Get You Cancelled Now? An Ariel Pink Case Study”

John Maus Made Me, And My Music

Throughout our lives, we encounter a few artists who collide with us like meteorites, redirecting us on a completely different path of musical interest. Their influence rages continuously as if that honeymoon period of excited listening won’t ever end. You never forget coming into contact with them and will always remember having them on repeatContinue reading “John Maus Made Me, And My Music”