New National Tunage

The latest new music sparking out of The UK, reviewed and promoted right here…..

Tom Houston and his new single, ‘I Am The River #33’

Tom Houston is a wonderful breath of fresh air, and his recently released new single only continues his flow of writing successes. He gifts us beautiful tales wrapped in gentle melodies, told by a voice so full of time passed, yet so full of Spring’s youth. ‘I Am The River #33’ is just one of the brilliant new tracks from his upcoming album, Gap In The Fence….Read more–>

My Octopus Mind release new single, ‘Buy My Book’

Frontman Liam’s distorted voice conjures up a sense of disintegration with its electronic droning, as his subversive style of writing mocks the world of self-help books, Youtube gurus and how the topic of trying to ‘fix’ oneself has featured in his life. Read more–>

YINYANG and her debut single, ‘Black Mamba’

Northern Irish experimental Hip-Hop artist, YINYANG, has just dropped her debut single, ‘Black Mamba’, a playfully powerful track full of wicked bouncing youth. This woman shows no mercy in displaying the limitless energy of female empowerment….Read more–>

‘Thin (I Used To Be Bulletproof), the new single from Our Man In The Field

Our Man In The Field, also known as Alexander Ellis, takes influence for his music from the world he has experienced on his travels. His gentle voice is accompanied by a brilliant band of pedal steel guitar, banjo, upright bass and drums, from which the sweet-sounding tones of alt-Americana and Caledonian Soul smoothly flow. Read more –>

PRIESTGATE and their new single, ‘NOW’

Priestgate are the wonderful five piece Indie band hailing from Driffield, East Yorkshire. The group capture some beautifully powerful sentiments and set them free in this refreshing new single, ‘NOW’. It is a must to experience. Read more –>

Conrad Ashton New Single, ‘Time’

Conrad Ashton’s modern take on classic rock gives us confessional notions of the heart through authentic lyrics. He sings with the confidence of the late, great Mark E. Smith of The Fall, fearless in his delivery, with a definite hint of Bob Dylan. But the main feature is his punk rock tone which delivers pure Conrad Ashton. Read more –>

Emma & the Idles New Single, ‘Ride or Die’

Emma & the Idles are a London based group delivering powerful indie pop, driven by the explosive vocal strength of the lead singer, Emma Withers. The band formed last year to really expand Emma’s sound. This new single from the group, ‘Ride or Die’, makes a solid debut. Read more –>

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