Live Reviews

The rush of watching a live band perform just for you is a great feeling, so getting out to support not just your favourite artists, but your local bands and local venues is really special. Here are some of those moments…

Sleazy City and Sleepy People: Soft Cell’s Final Night in London celebrating Non Stop Erotic Cabaret

The room scuttled with all kinds of wonderfully strange people, but not everyone had found their seat yet at the Eventim Apollo in Hammersmith and the saxophone was already beckoning. Marc emerged from a shadow and into a pink spotlight, gripping the mic stand, calming the chaos. Read more –>

Stiff Little Fingers play with undying energy in their 2020 Vision Tour

To still have the opportunity to see massively influential, original punk bands is so special. I feel very lucky to have caught Irish Punk band, Stiff Little Fingers, in Birmingham in March on their 2020 Vision Tour, before their remaining dates were cancelled due to the current pandemic. After a couple pints of Guinness, me and a few middle-aged, male punk friends eagerly head over to the O2 Academy for the gig, ready to knock back a few more and get a bit wild. Read more –>

The Damned live in October: Wolverhampton’s Punk Ignition

The Damned came back to haunt us with their sound this Halloween season at KK’s Steel Mill, in preparation for their Night of a Thousand Vampires gig that would follow at the London Palladium a few days later. I travelled by bus to the Wolverhampton venue, eighteen and alone, preparing to see one of my favourite bands for the first time and probably wet myself with excitement…. at a punk gig full of fifty year olds all clad in black. Read more –>

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