Listen To This – Song Reviews

Enjoy discovering something you might not have ever considered listening to, or just enjoy reading a view on a song you already know in this growing list of special songs I would love to recommend to everyone.

I Hope You Die – Molly Nilsson

‘I Hope You Die’ is a song of pure devotion. It is a poetic ode of absolute loyalty in the face of anything. Molly entwines all kinds of love in this powerful Synthpop ballad full of spirit. You’ve never felt a kick drum and snare beat through your heart so strong as when the chorus ignites and you just have to dance. It’s heavenly gloom. Read more –>

Alone – Colin Newman

‘Alone’ is a quirkily eerie tune. I discovered it in ‘Silence of the Lambs’ as Buffalo Bill sews his skin-made garments together; it really is perfect for the scene. Repetitive, descending melodies create a swirling ambience that grows increasingly infectious. Industrial clashing controls the song’s steady march to the croon of Newman’s repeated lyric… ‘retained a sense of humour’. Read more –>

Maybe Baby – Buddy Holly and The Crickets

Released in 1958, in his absolute prime, Maybe Baby was a popular hit in the United States and the UK. In the song he asks whether one day he will have the woman he likes. Like a lot of love songs of the time, the solemn element of the romantic lyrics seems to melt into the swaying Rockabilly melody, disguising any pain in a happy-go-lucky feeling. Read more –> 

Cherry-coloured Funk – Cocteau Twins

Cherry-Coloured Funk opens their 1990 album Heaven or Las Vegas, which achieved the most commercial success. The song hits with a heavy opening beat, immediately dunking us into a vivid scene of twanging, lifting guitar and the solid pounding of a tribe-like drum. The shifting chords evoke rise and fall, but the leaping chorus yanks us off the ground as Fraser’s voice just seems to take us there. Read more –>

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