The Magic of Boy Harsher

Boy Harsher are an american synth duo from Savannah, Georgia. Augustus Muller programs most of the music, while Jae Matthews writes and performs her haunting lyrics. They are a prime example of the addictive tempos and strong emotions that minimal drum beats and synthesizers can create.  Their style falls into the wide categories of Minimalwave,Continue reading “The Magic of Boy Harsher”

Maybe Baby – Buddy Holly and The Crickets

When Buddy Holly died in a plane crash in 1959, his growing success as an american pioneer of Rock and Roll in the late 50s would be cut devastatingly short, but he left behind for us a beautiful collection of hits that he released with his band, The Crickets. Released in 1958 , in hisContinue reading “Maybe Baby – Buddy Holly and The Crickets”

Cherry-coloured Funk – Cocteau Twins

This Scottish band surfaced in the Post Punk era, but grew more successful throughout the 80s. Known for their hazy sound of colourful layered guitars and Elizabeth Fraser’s ethereal, smeared vocals, they contributed massively to the Dreampop genre. Cherry-Coloured Funk opens their 1990 album Heaven or Las Vegas, which achieved the most commercial success. TheContinue reading “Cherry-coloured Funk – Cocteau Twins”

The Damned live in October: Wolverhampton’s Punk Ignition

The Damned came back to haunt us with their sound this Halloween season at KK’s Steel Mill, in preparation for their Night of a Thousand Vampires gig that would follow at the London Palladium a few days later. I travelled by bus to the Wolverhampton venue, eighteen and alone, preparing to see one of myContinue reading “The Damned live in October: Wolverhampton’s Punk Ignition”