Bad Girlfriend on their way with new single ‘Here It Comes’

Known for their wild and unpredictable approach to music, Bad Girlfriend explode out of Birmingham with their exciting punk/garage sound. Underground venues across the UK have offered up their stages for many wonderfully chaotic gigs, making this band notable for their live presence. ‘Here It Comes’ is the title of the band’s biggest single yet.Continue reading “Bad Girlfriend on their way with new single ‘Here It Comes’”

Why I Hate Free Radio

When it comes to music, I have an open mind. We all tick very differently, so I understand that music taste may be difficult to criticise. However, Free Radio is still awful and here’s why.  Radio is a beautiful thing. How wonderful to tune in to someone cherry-picking songs for your pleasure, intimately addressing anonymousContinue reading “Why I Hate Free Radio”

The Worst Guys deliver new Alternative Hip-Hop from Birmingham

The Worst Guys make a solid impression with their smooth beats, engaging rhythms and introspective lyrics about life, youth and growing up in the West Midlands. The Birmingham-based duo officially jumped onto the scene in October 2019 with their debut single ‘Round The Town’, a tune with a chilled summer vibe and the taste ofContinue reading “The Worst Guys deliver new Alternative Hip-Hop from Birmingham”

Conrad Ashton New Single, ‘Time’

Conrad Ashton’s modern take on classic rock gives us confessional notions of the heart through authentic lyrics. He sings with the confidence of the late, great Mark E. Smith of The Fall, fearless in his delivery, with a definite hint of Bob Dylan. But the main feature is his punk rock tone which delivers pureContinue reading “Conrad Ashton New Single, ‘Time’”

Emma & the Idles New Single, ‘Ride or Die’

Emma & the Idles are a London based group delivering powerful indie pop, driven by the explosive vocal strength of the lead singer, Emma Withers. The band formed last year to really expand Emma’s sound. This new single from the group, ‘Ride or Die’, makes a solid debut. The song begins with western style guitar,Continue reading “Emma & the Idles New Single, ‘Ride or Die’”

Alone – Colin Newman

Colin Newman is best known as the vocalist for the British post-punk group, Wire, but following the band’s peak of success, he released a number of solo albums. His most successfully regarded individual endeavour could be the 1980 album, ‘A-Z’, to which the song, ‘Alone’ belongs. The album wasn’t made to be liked, with itsContinue reading “Alone – Colin Newman”

Birmingham duo MASS HOUSE release new single

Dylan Williams and Tom Minchin are the Brummie duo, Mass House, who have just released their new single, ‘Birmingham’. Their electronic sound has an indie edge and their motive to write is a very interesting one. The often dully regarded ‘grey’ city of Birmingham provokes Mass House to write about the limitations of living somewhereContinue reading “Birmingham duo MASS HOUSE release new single”

Stiff Little Fingers play with an undying energy on their 2020 Vision Tour

To still have the opportunity to see massively influential, original punk bands is so special. I feel very lucky to have caught Irish Punk band, Stiff Little Fingers, in Birmingham in March on their 2020 Vision Tour, before their remaining dates were cancelled due to the current pandemic. After a couple pints of Guinness, meContinue reading “Stiff Little Fingers play with an undying energy on their 2020 Vision Tour”

The Magic of Boy Harsher

Boy Harsher are an american synth duo from Savannah, Georgia. Augustus Muller programs most of the music, while Jae Matthews writes and performs her haunting lyrics. They are a prime example of the addictive tempos and strong emotions that minimal drum beats and synthesizers can create.  Their style falls into the wide categories of Minimalwave,Continue reading “The Magic of Boy Harsher”

Maybe Baby – Buddy Holly and The Crickets

When Buddy Holly died in a plane crash in 1959, his growing success as an american pioneer of Rock and Roll in the late 50s would be cut devastatingly short, but he left behind for us a beautiful collection of hits that he released with his band, The Crickets. Released in 1958 , in hisContinue reading “Maybe Baby – Buddy Holly and The Crickets”