Sleazy City and Sleepy People: Soft Cell’s Final Night in London celebrating Non Stop Erotic Cabaret

It was vital to witness Soft Cell on their five night tour commemorating forty years of the outstanding album, Non Stop Erotic Cabaret. I jittered in-between my parents at the anticipation of Dave Ball and Marc Almond, waiting in my Computer World t-shirt for a performance that would stir much excitement for their Spring 2022Continue reading “Sleazy City and Sleepy People: Soft Cell’s Final Night in London celebrating Non Stop Erotic Cabaret”

Political Views Get You Cancelled Now? An Ariel Pink Case Study

When Pink was dropped by his label in January following his outright support at the Trump rally, I began to wonder whether the things we associate with are beginning to become our defining attributes in a progressive but pressurising society, quick to erase the supposed wrong.  Ariel Pink’s record label, Mexican Summer, parted ways withContinue reading “Political Views Get You Cancelled Now? An Ariel Pink Case Study”

John Maus Made Me, And My Music

Throughout our lives, we encounter a few artists who collide with us like meteorites, redirecting us on a completely different path of musical interest. Their influence rages continuously as if that honeymoon period of excited listening won’t ever end. You never forget coming into contact with them and will always remember having them on repeatContinue reading “John Maus Made Me, And My Music”

Tom Houston and his new single, ‘I Am The River #33’

Tom Houston is a wonderful breath of fresh air, and his recently released new single only continues his flow of writing successes. He gifts us beautiful tales wrapped in gentle melodies, told by a voice so full of time passed, yet so full of Spring’s youth. ‘I Am The River #33’ is just one ofContinue reading “Tom Houston and his new single, ‘I Am The River #33’”

My Octopus Mind release new single, ‘Buy My Book’

It’s always interesting when bands take a complete turn with their sound. It makes you wonder whether they found inspiration in a new style, or just got really bored with playing the same instruments….. With My Octopus Mind and their new track, ‘Buy My Book’, I get a feeling that it is the former. AfterContinue reading “My Octopus Mind release new single, ‘Buy My Book’”

YINYANG and her debut single, ‘Black Mamba’

Northern Irish experimental Hip-Hop artist, YINYANG, has just dropped her debut single, ‘Black Mamba’, a playfully powerful track full of wicked bouncing youth. This woman shows no mercy in displaying the limitless energy of female empowerment and has already received much praise having had the track awarded the title of ‘Best Song in the World’Continue reading “YINYANG and her debut single, ‘Black Mamba’”

‘Thin (I Used To Be Bulletproof)’, the new single from Our Man In The Field

Our Man In The Field, also known as Alexander Ellis, takes influence for his music from the world he has experienced on his travels. His gentle voice is accompanied by a brilliant band of pedal steel guitar, banjo, upright bass and drums, from which the sweet-sounding tones of alt-Americana and Caledonian Soul smoothly flow. ‘ThinContinue reading “‘Thin (I Used To Be Bulletproof)’, the new single from Our Man In The Field”

PRIESTGATE and their new single, ‘NOW’

Priestgate are the wonderful five-piece Indie band hailing from Driffield, East Yorkshire. The group capture some beautifully powerful sentiments and set them free in this refreshing new single, ‘NOW’. It is a must to experience. There is a brilliant togetherness about this band and it’s so energy inducing to feel the instruments really run wildContinue reading “PRIESTGATE and their new single, ‘NOW’”

I Hope You Die- Molly Nilsson

Molly Nilsson is a unique and resolute songwriter and what she has to say is always clearly expressed in her tunes. Her electronic music is very DIY, which is incredibly inspiring. She has her own record label, ‘Dark Skies Association’, for which she records all her music by herself. I was very lucky to watchContinue reading “I Hope You Die- Molly Nilsson”

Electric Raptor’s debut single, ‘Operation Tony’: your new source of entertainment

Your musical dose of the absurd has arrived in the form of an epic track from the multi-talented Worcestershire band, ELECTRIC RAPTOR. ‘Operation Tony’ is a spicy blend of many genres, fused together by the energy of a six-piece band and their comical taste of humour. This new single is accompanied by a brilliant liveContinue reading “Electric Raptor’s debut single, ‘Operation Tony’: your new source of entertainment”