Misleading Decorative Engraving

It is widely known that crossing a road on a red light in Germany leaves you snorted at and again, met with those sparkly blue daggers. Ok not every German has blue eyes and I’m unsure why I began this metaphor of promise shining behind the eyes of the germans. Anyway, the lesser known bringerContinue reading “Misleading Decorative Engraving”

Visit Berlin With Me

Hello people and a Happy New Year to you. I’m currently in Munich awaiting a connecting flight to Berlin, where I will spend some time exploring and envisioning my permanent move to the German Hauptstadt in summer after I finish university. I’ll be making short blog entries throughout my five days here. Come on thisContinue reading “Visit Berlin With Me”

Serpent Raptor: The Most Unwanted Man In Electronic Music

Imposter Syndrome is Meeson’s most personal and emotional work yet. Though they will try to silence him, he must be heard. As 2022 draws to a close, the brightest star of Worcestershire’s underground electronic scene finally burns out. Serpent Raptor’s thirteenth and final album will mark the end of ten dynamic years in the musicContinue reading “Serpent Raptor: The Most Unwanted Man In Electronic Music”

*Happiness Not Included: The Lyrical Smallprint Of Life From Soft Cell

‘Thank god for that’ says Marc Almond on social media, relieved that ‘*Happiness Not Included’ is finally released. He hasn’t been shy in sharing his feelings on Instagram lately, which has provided an intimate insight into the emotions fuelling this new release. Soft Cell have returned after 20 years with something refreshingly personal. Each songContinue reading “*Happiness Not Included: The Lyrical Smallprint Of Life From Soft Cell”

Big In Japan: The Symphonic Version

When you ask people over forty if they remember Alphaville, those who aren’t really into music will go ‘oh yeahhh’ when you start singing ‘forevvvver young, I want to be forevvvver young’. Those who do remember a few 80s hits will probably recall ‘Big In Japan’ and synth-pop fans may remember ‘Sounds Like A Melody’. Continue reading “Big In Japan: The Symphonic Version”