My Kreuzberg room was so wonderful, I felt it was wasted on my being alone. High ceilings and sea blue surroundings. Flowers of pink and orange made by soft brushes of paint sat quietly on the walls. ‘All my love’, one had written across it. I have so much affection. I love to love. I used to give it all away without saving any for myself.

There’s something so beautiful about beds standing freely in large rooms. They aren’t fitting into a corner or pushed up to a wall, they’re just there sitting perfectly like a lilipad in a pond. A soft surface to rest your head, a wide refuge to splay tired limbs, a comfortable space to be held tightly.

Two large windows are cut out almost floor to ceiling on the left and right of the room. The floor creaks in some places. Sometimes I’d walk over them to let Josef know I was in. People’s voices in neighbouring rooms above echoed like my own thoughts. Thoughts of lust and longing after listening to Say Hello Wave Goodbye too many times.

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