Big In Japan: The Symphonic Version

When you ask people over forty if they remember Alphaville, those who aren’t really into music will go ‘oh yeahhh’ when you start singing ‘forevvvver young, I want to be forevvvver young’. Those who do remember a few 80s hits will probably recall ‘Big In Japan’ and synth-pop fans may remember ‘Sounds Like A Melody’. 

Lovers of Alphaville know just how brilliant the under-praised 1984 album, ’Forever Young’, is. There is such a variety of imaginative and exciting tracks, all narrated by the one of the most impressive voices of the 80s. The voice of Marian Gold.

Marian has recently reminded us that he is still a boss in a symphonic version of ‘Big In Japan’. Recorded with the Deutsche’s Filmorchester Babelsberg, this revival emphasises the drama with its orchestral grandeur rising through magnificent strings. In the new official video, we are commanded by Marian’s black leather fist and a voice that seems even more powerful than it was near four decades ago. 

He has always believed in Alphaville and with a new album out in Autumn, it appears he always will. A total insight into the new release, ‘Eternally Yours’, can be had by preordering The Collector’s Box at

Watch the official video here:

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