YINYANG and her debut single, ‘Black Mamba’

Northern Irish experimental Hip-Hop artist, YINYANG, has just dropped her debut single, ‘Black Mamba’, a playfully powerful track full of wicked bouncing youth. This woman shows no mercy in displaying the limitless energy of female empowerment and has already received much praise having had the track awarded the title of ‘Best Song in the World’ from Across The Line with BBC Radio Ulster.

This chaotic creation is full of heavy beat and chunky bass vibration. You are led around the YINYANG house of haunted design as she sheds her old skin and presents fresh confidence with her devilish lyrical delivery.

A very cool tune to indulge in.

This strong debut only increases the anticipation for more. Lauren Hannan, the creator behind the YINYANG project, hopes to release an album soon, with even more tunage to get excited about. Stream this track now:

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