PRIESTGATE and their new single, ‘NOW’

Priestgate are the wonderful five-piece Indie band hailing from Driffield, East Yorkshire. The group capture some beautifully powerful sentiments and set them free in this refreshing new single, ‘NOW’. It is a must to experience.

There is a brilliant togetherness about this band and it’s so energy inducing to feel the instruments really run wild with each other in this euphoric track. Priestgate communicates the understanding message of us as growing and learning human beings as they reflect on their youth. The wrenching emotion of the vocal over the track’s naturally heavenly sound makes for a more affecting adventure through the layers of this song.

The heavy influence of bands like RIDE, The Cure and Slowdive are delightfully evident in the dreamy pedal drenched guitar, soaring melodies and drums that crash with purpose. The passion of ‘NOW’ and the poignancy of their cried out lyrics projects this new single above the rest.

I feel something special about Priestgate. Stream ‘NOW’……now!

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