I Hope You Die- Molly Nilsson

Molly Nilsson is a unique and resolute songwriter and what she has to say is always clearly expressed in her tunes. Her electronic music is very DIY, which is incredibly inspiring. She has her own record label, ‘Dark Skies Association’, for which she records all her music by herself. I was very lucky to watch her perform in London in February 2019 when she walked into the toilets and her luminous orange hair caused me to let out an audible ‘woahhhh’ as I told her which toilets were free…. I was very happy to advise an idol of mine in such a time of need.

‘I Hope You Die’ is a song of pure devotion. It is a poetic ode of absolute loyalty in the face of anything. Molly entwines all kinds of love in this powerful Synthpop ballad full of spirit. You’ve never felt a kick drum and snare beat through your heart so strong as when the chorus ignites and you just have to dance. It’s heavenly gloom.

I always get emotional listening to this track. The abstract nature of Molly’s lyrics will really put a smile on your face and remind you of that one person you will always stand by. Dive deeper into her discography and indulge in an exciting new world.

‘Sometimes we win, but sometimes we lose our dreams, but I always wear the colours of your team.’ 

I do.

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