Bad Girlfriend on their way with new single ‘Here It Comes’

Known for their wild and unpredictable approach to music, Bad Girlfriend explode out of Birmingham with their exciting punk/garage sound. Underground venues across the UK have offered up their stages for many wonderfully chaotic gigs, making this band notable for their live presence.

‘Here It Comes’ is the title of the band’s biggest single yet. We are teased by an oasis conjured up with lush guitar. It isn’t long before the calm is interrupted by the storm and the sea of crashing drums and roaring guitar takes you under. You’ve dived into buzzing disorder. An abnormally uplifting riff seals the track, leaving you happily stranded in mystery as the whaling vocal continues to whirl in your mind.

Bad Girlfriend have a powerful presence, only emphasised by this new track. ‘Here It Comes’ will be released on July 18th.

Bad Girlfriend’s Website:

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