Conrad Ashton New Single, ‘Time’

Conrad Ashton’s modern take on classic rock gives us confessional notions of the heart through authentic lyrics. He sings with the confidence of the late, great Mark E. Smith of The Fall, fearless in his delivery, with a definite hint of Bob Dylan. But the main feature is his punk rock tone which delivers pure Conrad Ashton.

The Newcastle based man’s new single, ‘Time’, is rich with bold affirmations about life and primarily, the effects of time. Poetic lines like ‘after all, we’re shadows and dust’ convey his deeper outlook on life that runs through his eloquent writing style. We are grabbed by his commanding tone, leading the guitars and drums on a two and a half minute blast. There’s no doubt I enjoy his distinctive vocal, but his voice is often at odds with the natural underlying melody of the song, creating a conflict for the ears. The punk influence wavers his edgy voice, but sadly, the music struggles to compliment the vocal itself. With a more energetic backing track marrying the strength of his tone, he may have gotten away with it.

His 2015 album, ‘One for the Road’, is definitely worth a listen and a great showcase of his pop rock style. I hope he continues to sing so genuinely. He has great things to say.

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