Alone – Colin Newman

Colin Newman is best known as the vocalist for the British post-punk group, Wire, but following the band’s peak of success, he released a number of solo albums. His most successfully regarded individual endeavour could be the 1980 album, ‘A-Z’, to which the song, ‘Alone’ belongs. The album wasn’t made to be liked, with its unhinged, experimental edge that runs straight from the heart of a young, daring Newman.

‘Alone’ is a quirkily eerie tune. I discovered it in ‘Silence of the Lambs’ as Buffalo Bill sews his skin-made garments together; it really is perfect for the scene. Repetitive, descending melodies create a swirling ambience that grows increasingly infectious. Industrial clashing controls the song’s steady march to the croon of Newman’s repeated lyric… ‘retained a sense of humour’. 

The words of the music are a very unique reflection on being alone and the complete ‘A-Z’ album is worth a big listen for fans of that exciting late seventies sound.

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