Birmingham duo MASS HOUSE release new single

Dylan Williams and Tom Minchin are the Brummie duo, Mass House, who have just released their new single, ‘Birmingham’. Their electronic sound has an indie edge and their motive to write is a very interesting one. The often dully regarded ‘grey’ city of Birmingham provokes Mass House to write about the limitations of living somewhere that they feel lacks opportunity. However, their connection to the city as a home makes it difficult to really escape somewhere that is so wedged into their hearts. This new single is full of the burning energy of youth and future apprehension. 

With heavy beats and probing synths, the tune packs a bold punch. Fat, rounded drum beats reflect the Brutalist nature of the city’s architecture, while high-pitched synths embody a desperate, human outcry for something more. Whilst they speak negatively of Birmingham, the same loving passion for the city underlies the song, expressing the conflict they feel. The powerful and clear vocal is very effective in delivering this message.

Mass House are a beautiful product of environmental inspiration. Much like German, electronic music pioneers, Kraftwerk, who grew up in the industrialising Düsseldorf, this changing city has come to influence their sound that is so expressive of the city’s mood. Birmingham is developing excitingly fast and the music scene is constantly bubbling. 

Tom and Dylan are keeping busy during lockdown, promoting other up and coming artists on and raising money for people struggling at this difficult time, which is brilliant. You can find out more about them at as well as social media like Facebook, Instagram and Twitter. Listen to ‘Birmingham’ now:

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