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X Will Never Equal Y

This time I accept that I won’t get what I want. I won’t fight against it like I often have, plunging into suffering. Yes I’m emotional enough that you’ll be my muse for a while. But I don’t think I’ll scream as much in them. You’re no beautiful prisoner. You make a beautiful choice. I’m…

Poem at 20:53

There were a few I cared for But not anymore, since You came to remind me  Of the loosely held law That I’ve broken before When people in the same boat  Come knocking my door, Can’t converse for long  Because then it’ll be clear That you make me grin From ear to ear, and  I’d…


My Kreuzberg room was so wonderful, I felt it was wasted on my being alone. High ceilings and sea blue surroundings. Flowers of pink and orange made by soft brushes of paint sat quietly on the walls. ‘All my love’, one had written across it. I have so much affection. I love to love. I…


Good Morning. I’m sat on the corner of Alexanderplatz in Einstein Kaffee. This is the only shop I’ve sat down to relax in because I know the atmosphere I’m getting and that’s nice for the nervous types like me. It’s comfortable. It’s safe. I was about to say there are no surprises and I am…

Misleading Decorative Engraving

It is widely known that crossing a road on a red light in Germany leaves you snorted at and again, met with those sparkly blue daggers. Ok not every German has blue eyes and I’m unsure why I began this metaphor of promise shining behind the eyes of the germans. Anyway, the lesser known bringer…

Sharing emotional music notions.

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